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First Person was a PBS Digital Studios web series about gender and sexuality and the LGBTQ community. In the summer of 2015, a small tight knit team came together to produce 1 episode a week, for a total of 20 episodes with an average run time of about 5 minutes. I shot and edited the bulk of the episodes, and collaborated daily with my talented director Meredith Heil, and the producers at PBS Digital Studios on every aspect of the show. It was the perfect project for me because our small crew had the freedom to have fun and maintain full creative control over something we were passionate about. This type of creative environment was something I was already accustomed to as a low budget independent filmmaker. The show focused on topics like asexuality, intersex, and non-binary inclusion that facilitated important conversations between our host Kristin Russo and our guests, and gave people a platform to just be themselves in a safe space.

2015 Winner of a Bronze Telly for Social Issues

To learn more visit firstpersonpbs.tumblr.com

In the tenth episode of PBS Digital Studios' First Person, “The Importance of Being Cliterate,” host Kristin Russo talks with Sophia Wallace, a critically acclaimed conceptual artist, about her boundary-pushing and groundbreaking mixed media project, "Cliteracy".

In the sixteenth episode of PBS Digital Studios' First Person, as an end-of-summer celebration, host Kristin Russo talks with Fire Island's DJ Lina. We looks at Fire Island Pines as a historically gay getaway destination as well as DJ Lina’s vital role in revitalizing Fire Island’s party scene and keeping it alive through the years.