SciTech Now is a weekly news magazine show covering science, technology, and innovation that airs on over 20 PBS stations across the country. I have worked for 2 years on 80 + episodes of the show as a producer, camera person, and as the primary show editor. A small but dedicated team comes together every week to put together a show that consists of interviews, field packages, and Google Hangouts. SciTech Now is a collaboration between Channel THIRTEEN WNET and other participating PBS stations who contribute content to the show. I am continually amazed with what we do each week with a limited budget and tiny staff, and the collaboration among the staff and the participating stations is what makes the project a thrill and an amazing educational experience.

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In New York City, music meets technology at “The Monthly Music Hackathon,” where engineers and musicians join forces to confront a different theme or music genre. SciTech Now goes inside their first event exploring the intersection of hip hop, technology and education.

SciTech Now takes us underwater to a laboratory off the coast of Washington State that is doing research on underwater volcanoes and the tiny organisms that thrive there. 

SciTech Now takes us into Brookhaven Lab, a research facility based in Long Island, NY where they are primed to launch The National Synchrotron Light Source II, or NSLS-II, one of the world's most advanced synchrotrons.