1CD Productions is a partnership between filmmakers and media professionals Nadir Malik Nelson and Steve W. Thompson. 1CD is dedicated to delivering quality, motivating videos with creative elements and themes that connect with the viewer. By mashing Nadir's and Steve's production skills and creative backgrounds together, we are able to execute a production from start to finish that taps into more personal connections and dreams. 

Our 22 min short film Almost One is currently in the festival submission phase, and is receiving positive feedback. Our web series pilot Crossing Paths has been submitted to NYTVF, the biggest pilot festival in the North East, and more episodes of the series are currently in the works.

To learn more visit www.1cdtv.com

Almost One is a short film that weaves narrative, animation, and documentary elements together to tell the story of up-and-coming street artist, Technodrome1. We meet Technodrome1 at a cross road in his career as an artist. He is beginning to taste some success, but with this success comes various temptations. Lose of creative control and pressures to conform start to threaten his artistic identity. Will Technodrome1 become just another shared image on Instagram, or will he evolve and take his craft to the next level? 

After several film festivals and 4 DIY screenings through NYC  and Philadelphia, Almost One was a splash and put 1CD on the map for creating original and engaging content. 

Crossing Paths was a pilot for an episodic documentary series that showcased creative individuals working tirelessly to push the irrespective fields forward. A key element to this push is “the grind” or the integration of drive, work ethic, creative process, and diligent practice to achieve goals and create a unique space for artistic production. Focusing on two individuals per episode, Crossing Paths juxtaposed their two narratives, inter-cutting between b-roll and documentary style interviews to weave a narrative that is both visually engaging and inspiring. Largely, Crossing Paths works to highlight the similarities between two very different people who are working towards a greater creative goal.

Condola Rashad: The Story Teller

Two times nominated for a Tony Award for her roles in "The Trip To Bountiful" and "Stick Fly", Theatre World Award and Drama Desk Award winning Condola Rashad came to 1CD to collaborate on a promo for her musical project "Condola Rashad and the Stoop Kids". We shot her band performing live at the legendary LES club Pianos, and in the band's rehearsal space during the song writing process.  The result is both a promo for her band, and an intimate look into Condola's creative process and her background in both acting and music.