Temple Horses is a collaboration between the sketch comedy duo/ writers of Ryan E. Hoffman & Nick Ruggia, and direcotr/editor Steve W. Thompson.  Over the course of 3 years we collaborated on over 20 short films, a 30 minute sketch comedy pilot, and a 1 hour comedy special featuring up and coming stand up comic Neko White. This project was literally my second incarnation of film school, and a DIY production company that Temple Horses started from the ground up. With a schedule of producing one short film a month, I got to have my hands in every aspect of production from directing, producing, and extensive narrative film editing. It also introduced me to the world of YouTube channels, self promotion, and the underground comedy scene of NYC. It was an incredible experience I will never forget, and I can't wait to see what Temple Horses does next as a production company.

To learn more visit www.templehorses.com/

Temple Horses Sizzle Reel 2015

Dear Dead Abby is a short film about two technicians use their imaginations to deduce the pasts of a pair of fresh corpses that enter their lab.What they discover in their analysis is a long-hidden love for each other, and darker proclivities.

You're Not That Crazy is a short film about a group of patients in a mental ward are not immune from establishing hierarchies to determine who is the most crazy of the bunch.