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Everybody has a dream, but not everybody has a grind...

Ever since childhood I have been interested in people’s stories. Understanding other people’s motivations and dreams has always helped give clarity to my own journey. As a kid, I used to sit in my room and create narratives around the things I read in books and saw on TV, never actually believing I could make a career of it one day. When I found skateboarding and punk rock in the mid 90’s, it taught me anything was possible. All you need is the fire and passion it takes to create, and the stubbornness to never let anyone tell you otherwise. I adopted a DIY philosophy, moved to Brooklyn, started bands, and began creating and promoting my work on my own terms. Today as a working editor, producer, and director I continue to bring that same approach to the stories I help shape. Whether it be scripted or documentary, I try to bring the same passion to the work, and my connection to the characters is what ultimately allows me to invest a piece of myself into each project. These stories help inform me. This craft is why I get up in the morning. 


American Masters: Inspiring Woman is a web series I am helping shoot and edit for the national PBS brand American Masters. The 2nd episode that I edited with Chef Angie Mar, just premiered in November. Be sure to keep a look out for more episodes as they are released through the rest of the year.


Hip Hop: Esta Vivo En Cuba is a short documentary that I am co-producing and co-directing that provides a glimpse into the Cuban Hip Hop scene at a moment of uncertain change between the United States and Cuba. Hip Hop as a global movement can be a platform for Cuban artists. The Normalization process would help empower the cuban hip hop community, enabling them to have a voice during a time of diplomatic tensions. This normalization process is now being threatened.

Check out the trailer above and stay tuned for more updates!

MetroFocus: Home in McSorleys The story of a father and a son and growing up in NYC's oldest bar. Shot on the Cannon C100 and edited by me. Yet another collaboration with my producing partner Will Jones. Check it out and be sure to visit McSorley's in person!

Check out this horror trailer parody I directed and edited. Written by and starring my partners at Rosababy comedy. With over 400k views on Facebook alone, the sketch was featured on the front page of Funny or Die, Huffpost Comedy, Being Liberal, and Whohaha among others. See what all the fuss is about at the link above.

BE SEXY is the first short film by RosaBaby Comedy that was made for film festival submission. This is the trailer for our 6 minute short that I directed and edited. It's about two best friends who get propositioned into a threesome. Will they manage to screw it up or will they have a sexy night they will not soon forget? BE SEXY has already been accepted into 7 film festivals with other screening and festivals on the horizon.

Catch at the Alamo Draft House in Brooklyn as part of the Iron Mule Comedy Screening Series this winter 2018.

MetroFocus: Life After Prison is a 9 minute signature segment I shot and edited for the local PBS show MetroFocus. Lorenzo Brooks spent 30 years in prison , but now has a 2nd chance at life as a criminal justice reform activist. This project was a total collaboration with my Producer Will Jones, and one of my favorite PBS shoots in recent memory. Check it out above!

Cyberchase is a long standing PBS Kids series and a product of WNET's forward thinking educational department.  I had so much fun collaborating with the producers in education on this promo for Cyberchase's upcoming motion comic web series "Monster Minutes"! All the episodes of "Monster Minutes" are now available at the PBS Kids YouTube Channel. 

America in Black and Blue is a PBS NewsHour Weekend Special that explores the tensions between America’s diverse communities and their local police forces, the efforts in many communities to find healing, and the delicate balance between essential law enforcement and protecting the civil and human rights of all Americans. This segment is titled "Reacting to Tragedy" and is about how social media shapes and fuels the way we consume media in the digital age. 

I was honored to be one of the editors on this important special report. Having the chance to work with an all-star team of dedicated and talented producers to help bring this crucial dialogue to the forefront of PBS was an unforgettable experience.